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Facebook Promotion

Facebook Promotion

Facebook Page Promoting:

Facebook Page Promoting depend on your daily budget. As a Facebook algorithm given 60+ likes pay dollar per day.

Facebook Boosting:

Per Dollar Reach = 1,100+ People per Day

Facebook Boosting or Promoting Terms & Condition:

1.      You must pay a minimum of USD 05.00 a day.

2.      Boost a minimum of 5 days.

3.      BDT 115.00 per dollar VAT should be paid. (Don’t have any Discount )

Per Dollar        = BDT 100.00

Vat                   = BDT    15.00

Total                = BDT  115.00

4.      The customer will have to carry all the necessary items. No banner or post of any kind will be provided from Muktodhara Ltd.

5.      When the service is complete, the customer will only be required to report the service to the customer.

6.      The customer must adhere to Facebook's rules and policies for promoting or boosting.

7.      All transactions must be completed before the promotion or boost is given.

8.      Muktodhara Ltd will not be responsible if Promote or Boost fails to cause problems on Facebook.

9.      Muktodhara Ltd is not responsible for any promotions or booting that may not result in proper updates due to Facebook updates.

10.  Muktodhara Ltd will not be liable if the correct result is not due to changes in Facebook's policies or algorithms.

11.   Please avoid promoting any kind of pages or posts that are defaming the state and religion.

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