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Office Management

Office Management

100%  effective   Courses and Teaching by Office Management Consultant.

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•    30 days money back
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•    Special Personal Batch Facility
•    Ready to Start Any day Any Time
•    Customizable Timing and Schedule
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•    100% Practical Training
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Course Fee & Schedule

Course Fee            5,000 BDT (30% OFF on Full Payment)
Start date            24th December, 2018
Total classes            20-30
Schedule 1            8 am to 10 am
Schedule 2            3pm to 5pm
Schedule 3            5 pm to 7 pm
Choice            3 days / 3 days a week
Total Seat            12-16 students per batch.
Pre-requisite            IT Knowledge, Internet Browsing Knowledge, Web Design Basics
Total Hours            60-100 hrs
Class Duration            2 hrs


•    Basic Thinks of Computer.
•    Software Management
•    Microsoft Office 2010

•    Internet & Online


1.    Introduction of Computer
2.    Introduction of Software
3.    Introduction of Hardware
4.    What is windows?
5.    Introduction of Online
6.    Introduction of Microsoft office.
7.    Typing Training.

Microsoft Word-

1.    What is MS Word?
2.    How to Starting MS Word.
3.    How to Exit MS Word.
4.    Cursor Move Fuction.
5.    Text Block Function.
6.    Delete Function.
7.    How to save file.
8.    How to close file.
9.    How to open file.
10.    How to open new document?
11.    How to save file with password?
12.    How to remove password?
13.    How to set up margin?
14.    How to change paper size.
15.    How to change paper orientation.
16.    How to see print preview?
17.    Type the Sentence.
18.    How to copy Particular text?
19.    How to delete particular text?
20.    How to cut & Past particular text?
21.    How to undo text?
22.    How to redo command?
23.    How to find particular word?
24.    How to replace word?
25.    How to go to particular page?
26.    How to setting normal screen?
27.    How to setting page layout screen?
28.    How to setting full screen?
29.    How to on/off ruler?
30.    How to control zoom?
31.    How to create macros?
32.    Run Macros
33.    How to setting header & Footer?
34.    How to remove header & Footer?
35.    How to set page numbering?
36.    How to remove page numbering?
37.    How to set date & time?
38.    How to insert symbol?
39.    How to insert picture?
40.    How to set page break?
41.    How to two more files?
42.    How to create word art?
43.    How to set equation
44.    How to Bold, italic, Underline Particular Text?
45.    How to change size?
46.    How to change font color?
47.    How to make superscript?
48.    How to make subscript?
49.    How to spacing line?
50.    How to change alignment?
51.    How to setting newspaper column?
52.    How to change Case?
53.    How to setting border?
54.    How to shading text border?
55.    How to setting bullets?
56.    How to setting number?
57.    How to remove bullets & numbers?
58.    How to setting tab?
59.    How to set mail marge?
60.    How to spelling & Grammar?
61.    How to set text boundaries?
62.    How to count document?
63.    How to create table?
64.    How to insert row?
65.    How to insert column?
66.    How to delete row/column/table?
67.    How to marge cell?
68.    How to split cell?
69.    How to format a table?
70.    How to use formula command?
71.    How to sort a table?
72.    How to use drawing command?
73.    How to set Bangla font & Typing Bangla.

Microsoft Excel

1.    What is Microsoft Excel
2.    to Run MS Excel
3.    How to exit from MS Excel?
4.    Discuss A Work Sheet
5.    Cursor / Cellpointer
6.    Select Contents
7.    Calculation Function
8.    How to save file?
9.    How to open file?
10.    How to open new document
11.    Type the data & use the calculation command
12.    How to save file with password?
13.    How to remove password?
14.    How to delete a work sheet?
15.    How to use to fill command?
16.    How to go particular cell?
17.    How to insert new row & column?
18.    How to insert anew worksheet?
19.    How to change sheet name?
20.    How to create a chart?
21.    How to set decimal?
22.    How to set comma?
23.    How to set currency sign?
24.    How to reset all format command (currency, decimal, and comma)?
25.    How to change row & column width?
26.    How to change date & time?
27.    How to change text alignment?
28.    How to hide & unhide a work sheet /row/column?
29.    How to set auto format?
30.    How to use goal seek command?
31.    How to protect data?
32.    How to sort your data?
33.    How to use filter command?
34.    How to create subtotal?
35.    How to consolidate data?
36.    How to set data validation?
37.    How to set freeze panes?
38.    Use of put function.
39.    How to create a data table?
40.    Compound interest sheet.
41.    Over time declaration sheet.
42.    Labor payment bill.
43.    Electric bill.

Microsoft Access

1.    What is Microsoft access?
2.    How to run Microsoft access?
3.    How to create a database file?
4.    How to create table file?
5.    How to enter data in the table file?
6.    Discuss data type
7.    How to modify structure?
8.    How to open database file.
9.    How to create query file?
10.    How to modification query?
11.    How to delete query file?
12.    How to open query file?
13.    How to create form file?
14.    How to modify forms file?
15.    How to entry data in the form file?
16.    How to delete form file /
17.    How to create report file?
18.    How to modify report file?
19.    How to open report file?
20.    How to delete file?
21.    How to run micro file?
22.    How to create a relation file?
23.    How to import any file?
24.    How to export any file?

Microsoft Power Point

1.    What is Microsoft power point?
2.    How to run Microsoft power point?
3.    How to exit form Microsoft.
4.    How to create new slide?
5.    How to see full screen?
6.    How to set background color?
7.    How to set animation?
8.    How to insert new slide below the previous slide?
9.    How to set side transitions?
10.    How to see none stop display side?
11.    How to set design themes in the all slide?
12.    How to save your slide in the desktop screen?

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