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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

100%  effective  Courses and Teaching by Digital Marketing Consultant.
Career Support

After course completion, students can get jobs as:

•    Online Marketing Consultant
•    Online Band Promoter
•    Digital Marketing Executive

Why US?

•    30 days money back
•    Unlimited Tutorial and Tools
•    Free WiFi Accessibility
•    Special Personal Batch Facility
•    Ready to Start Any day Any Time
•    Customizable Timing and Schedule
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•    100% Practical Training
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How Can Muktodhara assist you in Freelancing?
•    How to create an outsourcing website profile and 100% complete profile?
•    What is the process to pass exams for separate outsourcing earning profiles?
•    How to create perfect cover letters for each category of job posting?
•    How to apply and activate MasterCard & International Payments System?
•    Enjoy the courses in individual care in a home-friendly environment?

Course Fee & Schedule

Course Fee            10,000 BDT (30% OFF on Full Payment)
Start date            24th December, 2018
Total classes            20-30
Schedule 1            8 am to 10 am
Schedule 2            3pm to 5pm
Schedule 3            5 pm to 7 pm
Choice            3 days / 3 days a week
Total Seat            12-16 students per batch.
Pre-requisite            IT Knowledge, Internet Browsing Knowledge, Web Design Basics
Total Hours            60-100 hrs
Class Duration            2 hrs


•    Basic concept of Marketing
•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Content Marketing
•    Video Marketing
•    SMS Marketing
•    Web Site Analysis.
•    PPC Marketing
•    E-Commerce & Affiliate Marketing
•    Email Marketing


1.    What is marketing?
2.    Informant of marketing?
3.    Types of marketing.
4.    Definition of Online Marketing.
5.    Types of Online Marketing.
a.    SEO
b.    Social Media marketing
c.    Content Marketing
d.    Mobile Marketing
e.    Image marketing
f.    Video Marketing
6.    What is outsourcing?
7.    What is Freelancing?
8.    What is Freelancer?
9.    Different between Outsourcing and Freelancing?
10.    Freelancing site.
11.    How many types have work in Freelancing?
12.    About SEO. (Search engine optimization)
13.    What is Web site?
14.    What is Web page?
15.     Type of Web site?
16.    What is URL?
17.    What is domain?
18.    What is sub domain?
19.    What is keyword?
20.    What is Search Engine?
21.    What is popular Search Engine?
a.    Google
b.    Yahoo
c.    Being
d.    amazon
22.    What are PR and DA?
23.    Importance of Page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA)?
24.    Setup SEO Tools.
•    SEO
25.    Definition of SEO.
26.    SEO is an Art or Science
27.    How the search engine works
28.    Search Engine Algorithms
29.    Google Algorithm Updates
30.    Google Sandbox effect
31.    Duplicate content
32.    Pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

33.    About Keyword
34.    Keywords Research and Analysis
a.    Keywords Basics
b.    Types of Keywords
c.    Keyword research (Keyword Planner)
d.    Keywords Analysis tools
e.    Competition analysis
f.    Finding the good keywords
35.    Localized Keywords Research
36.    Report generate
37.    Importance of Domain Names and Value
38.    Domain Selection
39.    Creating Web 2.0 and website
40.    Definition of Local host & Online.
41.    How to online install Wordperss?
a.    Dashboard
b.    Admin and Visitor
c.    Themes install.
d.    Category and Page creating
e.    Wordpress Themes customization
f.    How to post in wordpress and Blog site.
g.    What is Media?
h.    What is Page?
i.    What is Comment?
j.    Appearance ( Manu)
k.    What is Plugins?
l.    Why we use wordpess Plugins?
m.    How to inistall Plugins?
n.    User, Tools & settings
o.    Post  Optimization
p.    Content Writing
q.    Setting up optimized Blog Post Title
r.    Importance of File name in SEO
s.    Creating an txt, xml sitemaps
t.    Analytics Setup & Monitoring
Freelancing Site:-
42.    About Upwork
Create Upwork Account
a.    At first active your Account
b.    Complete 100?count
c.    How to apply for job.
d.    What is Cover letter / Application
43.    Fiverr
I.    About Fiverr
II.    Create Fiverr Account
III.    What is Gig
IV.    Creat Gig
44.    Freelancing Account
a.    What are bit / Chat?
b.    Biting system/Conversation technique.

On page SEO:-

45.    Fundamental on Html ,CSS
46.    Post Optimize
47.    Image Optimize
48.    Webmaster Submission

Off Page SEO:-

49.    Using SEO Tools.
50.    Web 2.0 Marketing
51.    Article submission
52.    Press Release Submission
53.    Questions & Answering
54.    Answering
55.    Link Wheel
56.    Link Pyramid
57.    Blog commenting
58.    What is Forum
59.    Forum Signature
60.    Forum posting
61.    Classified Ad posting
62.    Social  Networking Profiles creations
63.    Social Media Optimization & Marketing
64.    Social Networking Profile Optimizations
65.    Social media advertising (PPC)
66.    Facebook Marketing
67.    Social bookmarking
68.    Blogging
69.    Blog Optimization
70.    Search Engine Marketing
71.    Slide submission
72.    Trust building
73.    Conversion building
74.    Conversion analysis
75.    Conversion Creation
76.    Image marketing
77.    Relationship building(google +)
78.    About Google Analytics
a.    Installing Google Analytics
b.    How to Study Google Analytics
c.    How Google Analytics can Help SEO
79.    Advanced Reporting
80.    Interpreting Bars & Figures
81.    Open Site Explorer
82.    Website Analysis using various SEO Tools available
a.    White Hat SEO
b.    Black Hat SEO
83.    Report Making or Creating
84.    Google Panda & Penguin Update and recovery tips
85.    Article writing
86.    Video Optimizations (Basic)
87.    YouTube video SEO(basic) (Part – 01)
88.    Penalty Recovery
89.    YouTube video SEO(basic) (Part – 02)
90.    Video marketing Site(basic)
91.    E-Commerce Marketing
92.    Affiliate Marketing(basic)
93.    Email Marketing(basic)
94.    Online Marketing Management Stature.

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